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            What is an internet merchant account?

            What is an internet merchant account?

            An internet merchant account allows a business to accept payments by Credit and Debit Card. This solution is offered by Merchant account providers and Acquiring banks. An internet merchant account can be easily integrated into the merchant's website by using the API information. Most of the payment gateway providers do offer free assistance when it comes to integration. Some PSP also known
            as Payment Service providers offer free plugins for well known CMS's like WordPress and Magento. In case if Plugin is not available then the API documentation can be used to create simple payment forms that send information to the Secure PCI DSS compliant interface of the Credit card Processing company.

            There are 2 modes of operation of an Internet Merchant Account
            • API - Payments by website or payment Link
            • Virtual Terminal

            With Virtual Terminal merchants can take orders over the phone and process transactions securely using the MOTO interface. This VT solution is hard to get but not impossible. If the Risk profile of the Business and Owners is not High Risk in Nature than this solution may be offered by the PSP.

            With the Echeck payment gateway, merchants get Virtual Terminal and API option.

            Updated: 07 Feb 2018 08:21 PM
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