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            What is a merchant identification number?

            A Merchant Identification is a Unique Number Offered to the Merchant by the Payment Processor. This may be numeric or Alphanumeric. Merchant must remember this number as its very critical for the operation of the processing account. This number is also used while integrating the merchant's website with the PSP Payment gateway interface.

            In the integration process, the most common elements that are needed are listed below
            • Merchant Identification Number/MID/Merchant ID
            • Salt ID /Secure Key/Authentication Key
            • Preferred Currency
            • Posting URL
            • Approved Return URL
            • Decline Return URL
            There are few places where you can locate the Merchant Identification Number

            1. In the Merchant Account Dashboard Profile section
            2. In the Processing statement
            3. In the approval agreement that you may have received from the acquirer
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            Updated: 07 Feb 2018 08:24 PM
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