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            How do you set up a merchant account?

            To get a Merchant account for your business you should follow these steps. (We assume you have a company and a Business Bank account)
            • Create a Website
            • List all products and services with precise and specific product/service description
            • Add the Policy pages like Refund, Terms, and Privacy
            • If you are in EU then add a Cookie Policy
            • Add SSL certificate to your website
            • Add Support number on Homepage
            • Add company contact details on important pages like Terms, Contact, and Refund.
            • Use a CMS. We recommend Wordpress with woocommerce - It will be easy to integrate you may get some ready to use plugins from the processor
            • Apply with a Merchant Account acquirer. High Risk Merchants or Merchants with Bad Credit should apply with High Risk Merchant Account Providers
            • Send the Required KYC or KYM(Know your Merchant) documents to the acquirer or PSP for underwriting and Risk analysis
            • Once approved - Integrate and start Processing.

            Updated: 07 Feb 2018 07:46 PM
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