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            How do merchant accounts work?

            Merchant accounts work in a very simple way by providing a unique response to all parties involved. The Merchant account co-ordinates with multiple parties including 
            • Customer or the Card Holder
            • Merchant
            • Merchant Account Aquireer
            • Card Brand
            • Settlement Account
            These parties get relevant information in less than few seconds. This kind of transaction is highly secure as it uses 
            1. Customer gets the information about the approval or Decline of the Transaction
            2. Merchant gets Paid to the settlement account
            3. Merchant account acquirer gets the request from the merchant for the debit of value on the customer's card
            4. Card Brand gets the information regarding the transaction request
            5. After successful payment, the merchant's settlement account is credited

            Updated: 07 Feb 2018 08:23 PM
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